jim-rohnI have been listening and watching Jim Rohn’s video and audio… and his words are so powerful.

It seems his words have come to me at a time when I need the most…

Struggling to find a pathway between a business and employment, investment and debt…. I have been thinking how do I go the extra mile.. ?

What do I need to do to go further faster… ? ( yes that was one of my past org’s motto and I love it )

And well Jim Rohn came up in my search and I was so glad to know that he was Tony Robbins’ mentor.  Yes he is all American but the basic philosophy holds good.

I started with watching a tribute to him by all the giants who have made it big and everyone had almost the same thing to say. He had the presence and the ability to change people. He was a humble soul, who loved his family and god. Someone who was practical and very down to earth.

I needed that.. I do not need fancy trick to do up my life… (I continuously think how to improve what I am doing today)

He makes sense… in very simple ways…

I was watching his 1993 video where he was addressing the Herbal Life distributors… and the pearls of wisdom blew me away.. things that I always knew but never much pondered on… it is still resonating

And I think I have become one more fan… and I feel we are losing many basic thoughts as we rush towards something intangible… everyday..

Some thoughts that stayed with me…. or rather from the notes I took ..

How do you clean up neglect in life  ?

Ans : Do what you can. Its easy to do and its easy not to do.. Thats the difference.

Should read, could read, dont read – wrong track
should walk round the block for good health , could walk round the block, dont walk – wrong track
should call, could call, dont call – wrong track
should change, could change, dont change – wrong track
letters you have not written, conversations you have not had with family, somebody you should sit down with when you get home – get that job done

dont let neglect destroy your life, destroy your days, destroy your future. Go back and do what you can.
If you will do what you can, then life will give extraordinary things to do.

Got to take care of the small discipline people… then take care of the big ones,
All disciplines affect each other.

Everything affects everything else.. Everything matters.  Everything is important.  Of course there are some things that matter more than others but there is nothing that do not matter.

As he drawls on, I noted down the following insights ( notes are jumbled and I am sharing as is… )

Get better
For things to get better, you got to get better
Learn how to handle the seasons of life. Learn how to handle the winters of your life.
Get better at handling the winter, you cannot change the winters, but can get better at handling the winters,
get wiser, stronger and better …

Get stronger
Develop the courage muscle, dedication muscle,

Learn to take advantage of the spring
spring means opportunity

Spring is not a guarantee of harvest
Take advantage…
You got to seize it with your own two hands. Read, study, cash in on spring
Spring does not last too long..
postpone a few things inthe springtime,… get the job done

Life is very short, at the longest. Dont waste the spring.

In the summer, learn to nourish and protect
defend ourselves against the enemies,
its a time of opportunity mixed with challenge
whatever threatens you, threaten it back
take care of your responsibility,

Inside enemies.
Indifference – don’t rest too long
Indesicion – don’t let time go by without making decision
Doubt – have some faith and courage, dont doubt the possibilities, future, dont doubt yoruself, dont sell yourself short
Worry – drive worry into a corner, be the master not the servant. worry when you need to.

Complaining starts as an infection and becomes as a disease.
Take responsibility

1) Get serious 2) Get smart 3) Get going 4) Get better   Four good words…

  • Turn nothing into something
  • Imagination – Imagine the possibilities
  • Believe that its possible – With faith all things are possible, without faith nothing is possible.
  • Go to work and make it real


There are many more… but I thought these are a few thoughts I would like to record… and re read it…  And some things that have embedded itself inside me.

5 Key ideas
1) Work on your personal philosophy – its like a guiding system. Helps you to see the dangers so that you dont build your house on the sand but build on the rock. Also helps you to find opportunity. The guiding system must start early from childhood.

2) Attitude – affected by how we feel… opposites are in conflict and we are in the middle. _ home _ business, friendship. Its the drama of good and bad. Attitude is the motivation, philosophy is the education.
set a better sail to the wind,
From testimonials and personal experience, we have enough information to conclude that its possible to design and live extraordinarily.
learn to co-operate with your positive side –
Attitude – What we know, about danger and opportunity and how we feel – about the past. use it not carry it like a burden , should serve as a fuel for your future.

look back for experience and look forward for inspiration –
decide what you want, write it down, start checking them off
if you check off something major, celebrate.
put everything in your list

how you feel about everybody – you cannot succeed by yourself. you need to appreciate everybody. takes everybody to make a success.

How you feel about yourself. nothing more powerful than self – esteem, doing whatyou know you should, knowing that you have high self esteem,

3) Activity – turn nothing into something . Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.
6 days of work, labor. Work conquers disease, work turns nothing into something. Wisdom and faith invested in action creates fortunes. Six sevenths of your life creates everything.

4) measure progress – if you are going to play the great drama of life, check how is your health doing, how is your investment doing ? you must make measurable progress in reasonable time. be reasonable with time. end of the day,
If you are angry, solve it before the sun goes down.
Today – count how are you doing ??
Success is a numbers game

5) Lifestyle : Essence of life. Learning to live a good life. Design and live an extraordinary life

1) Productivity – biggest share of our life, Sleep of a laboring man is sleep. Producer not a drifter.
2) Friendship – friendships that endure.
3) Heritage – keep that alive.
4) Spirituality – belief
study, practice, pass it along ( teach)
5) Don’t miss anything – go look see learn try taste

There is a genius within all of us that recognizes extraordinary value.

God says : if you will plant the seed, I will make the tree.

How far should I go : as far as you can
how much should I learn : As much as you can
How many books should I read : as many as you can
How much should you earn : as much as you can
how much should you share : as much as you can
what should you accomplish : as much as you can