gabrielSo well, its that time of the year where some reflection happens to understand and learn from what passed through and well have an idea as to how to move forward, upward and with more joy.

This year has been the most enriching year so to say… and though it has given me tremendous pain and yet I can tell it did offer me great joy and peace as well.

However it also taught me some very important lessons in life..  Lessons which hopefully remain for the remainder of my life on earth and beyond.

Its very interesting how we can learn from the contrasts that we have to keep facing in our duties to be the person that you want to be without any illusions and ego.

Relationships : Be it a platonic love or romantic love, the beginning of the year drilled onto me the importance of boundaries on one hand and the importance of our role in keeping the flame of the soulmate contract going.  Sometimes, we want to go all in to “rescue” someone we hold close to our heart as we cannot see them “suffer” but in a way we also become enablers of that very suffering that we want to get our loved ones out of it. So the lesson was that everyone has a choice, everyone has the right to change their choice or also could have the right to look at you having ulterior motives and in that process hurt you… 🙂 . But then I deserved that, I did see that even at the cost of breaking an innately unconditional bond… it is always freedom and peaceful to have your loved ones live their choice… and that’s the best for them… for anyone…  It did take me time… though… hahaha 🙂 to go  through the maze of questions and logic but ultimately, this is what matters…. live and let live…It was also surprising for me to see myself give importance to ego and derive everything around that. I guess when you are in a crisis mode, the ego loves playing tricks. But that phase taught me to forgive and see the goodness that the source sees in all of us. It is not material benefits that make a relationship, however, it does break one.. I had to go past that.. and be comfortable in my role that I have agreed to play in this lifetime… to be the nurturer, to be patient, to be accepting, to be tolerant towards all that is seemingly going against the traditional belief system and live anyway… based on my personal belief that our goals and aims to live well, live happy does not get compromised. There is a serenity in struggle and overcoming crisis together… :)Seeing myself going to an extreme and then pulling myself back and making a choice…
Seeing myself helpless and making the choice to let it be….
Seeing myself be ok with what is and what is not… and choosing to to create a reality of what I always dreamed about…
Seeing myself being lied to, and being cheated on… made me feel stronger…. and more confident to hold on to my truth that is my purpose… everything else was a choice of the other party and not mine…

Very enriching… and yes even with all the losses and hits included…

Business  and creativity: That has been a very fulfilling part of 2013 where  my focus on creating and focus on giving the best to my customers…. making them feel beautiful and unique and yes creating a brand of quality and uniqueness, brought me a load of satisfaction. And this still goes on and I cannot be thankful enough for this opportunity and the help and support of my dear friends who stepped forward as my angels… cannot thank you enough and you know who you are… 🙂  Even today, every moment I am at Ankh, I always remember all of you…. I always will..

Silence : There have been so many times where so many things were storming around me and everytime, I saw that silence and prayers and tremendous self belief and belief in my guides helped me. I think this is very important. When I sat in silence, waiting for an answer from inside… there have been so many.. and I am glad I listened to my angels and guides.

Silence gave me the strength to make the right decision and stick to it and know that support from beyond would come and it came even though it seemed I was fighting my battles alone.

In Silence, I discovered Erik and Elisa… and I am glad I read you. Erik thanks for coming by and giving me the right message when I needed the most.Silence also helped me always remain in connection to the Divine Source and efficiently do what was needed.  I think this is an important part or more and more self discovery.

Silence also brought in humility and killed the ego which made me deaf sometimes.  I am glad that is a very good way I found to crush the dark side and eliminate it as it was hampering me to live my purpose.

Defender : There came a time very recently that I was pushed to defend what was mine. Well I never really gave that much importance to “mine” taking everything for granted… even parental love. But it was very clear message that I had to fight for what was mine and then protect it as it was hard earned and more than that it was my duty to safeguard my family without feeling helpless and hapless.. :)And once the stance was taken, nothing and NO ONE could stand in my way.  Eradicating evil from the society and getting full support for the same from the community made me feel humbled and I counted myself lucky and blessed that I was the chosen one … to go through this… and this happened during the favorite time of the year… Durga Puja… Durga being my favorite energy… from whom I gain strength and determination…Blood stood out thinner than water… and it was ok… there were no expectations…. Water rejuvenated me.. 🙂 And it also empowered me. Without any judgements.

Community support and support from strangers made me feel so grateful that it was a woman who garnered all that support… a woman who people and the perpetrators thought to be dumb and weak.
This was one of the most important battles of my life… A battle to save my parent, a battle against prejudices and a battle against wrongdoers.

Compassion : I think the greatest lesson I learnt is compassion. Compassion is forgiveness and compassion is gentleness and an emotion I have practiced but this year taught me how to implement it. Against the people who I loved and who intentionally or unintentionally hurt me… compassion towards human errors and trespassing of boundaries… that challenge the “ego” ….

When the soul closest to me wilfully hurt me, set out to destroy me, I had to rise above it to see him as the source sees him, it hit me, that if I could do this with this soul, then I could choose to do it with many of the soul relationships that I desired. And yes, that was an Eureka moment…Today I am at peace… as this let go of all the shackles and the frustration points of being misunderstood and well full of assumptions about myself. It was so clear that the assumptions I had about myself triggered the misconceptions of souls around me… what a stupid thing… for me to do…To be able to be free of that… was BIG…  helped me to be ok with what I was, where I was….

Having said all that, I still have a long way to go… 🙂 And everyday is a discovery for me…

It is with a childlike joy that I skip around in my heart eager to learn and fulfill what I have come here to do… amidst all the beautiful contrasts that there is… along with my beautiful guides… who keep helping me… keep guiding me… don’t know what I would do without them…. 🙂