So there was a time when I woke in the morning to the sweet nature calls and went to sleep with blissful darkness without any murmur of anything around us except the silent breeze which would blow through the doors and windows.

Well, now with the advent of civilization, the area which was green and lush is covered with fast growing buildings and people. My god I see people everywhere. Its ok, since I am a part of the mango people too. But sometimes, it just makes me wish for my room back in Shillong where nightfall meant silence.

Now I wake up with pressure cooker whistles. As one of my friend tells me that with the onset of kids, the pressure cooker has an inevitable role in their growing up. Till I get there, I will be kept awake by it, I guess.  So well Pressure cooker whistles, someone chanting some mantras after showering early and chanting it loud, the incessant barking of dogs which some of my neighbors have left behind in the care of another neighbor. There is this dog of the Pomeranian breed who has this tendency to keep barking forever and ever till even a dog lover like me really feels like running away.

Then there is this the dog Ramu who jumps over our wall and has a nightly agenda of looking through the garbage bin. As if its not enough, he actually visits all the floors to check if there is garbage kept outside the door, in which case, he gladly rips the packet apart and rummages through it leaving behind a smelly mess. GAH.

Then as I am still wonked out trying to open my eyes, there is this irritating beep of some car as it reverses and that sets off the cacophony of my birds loudly responding to that beep EVERYDAY at the SAME TIME… jarring me awake..even if I want to burrow my head down some soundproof rabbit hole.

And then comes one of the Bong neighbor, who has his parents at home. The mother is one of the loudest I have heard. She starts by scolding her son, then argues with her husband ( a silent one) on how to close and open windows and why they should be closed, etc and then keeps scolding the maid.. As if thats not enough, she goes on and on over the phone so loudly that I think all the neighbors can hear. This drowns out the kids noises, the car noises, etc..

So well, I am loath to add but I play the music on loud for sometime,  to silence her chatter and then it gives me some peace.. Ok I am adding to the noise pollution.. but it is eating me out.. and this happens almost every morning..

I am meditating.. and there is this incessant chatter and whining and scolding.. and it gets to me…. till I realise that this is an excellent opportunity to practice Dharma, developing tolerance and still accessing your stillness and yes being oblivious to it all.. it works while I meditate but then again when I am doing my chores, it keeps echoing and she can go on and on and on till I decide that I need to do something.

Seriously, I have found that noise is noise and can be canceled if I do not understand it but if I understand that noise, it adds to the disturbance outside which is reaching inside, or lets say, I am allowing it to reach inside and watching me getting irritated to such an extent that I want to stuff her mouth with cotton.. LOL

So I need to translate the noise to a garble of unintelligible mumbles till it fades out..

BREATHE ……………..

Ok I am not a morning person…

I need to develop more tolerance and patience

I need to wake up early and be a morning person

I need to find more ways of switching off other than loud music..

I need to get out of this rant.. ( I am hoping by writing it, I will be out of it)

And thus I see myself settling down into a much more comfortable self..  LOL..