Its past dinner and while Rocks is watching Nat Geo, a post has been forming in my mind.

Watched the movie Alice in Wonderland this evening and well I recommend it to the adults who like animation. Not sure about the kids though. Has a very adult take. Somewhere I was confused too. I have not read the sequel to the book. So well, it was a surprise. But I liked the movie anyway.. fun watch.. good 3D. This 3D revolution is making things funny. I only wish the glasses were clearer.

So today’s discussion in the NLP group meet talked about decisions. It was very interesting. Our coach made us go through a very important thought..

Some of the questions to think about

When you look at yourself today, what makes you what you are ?

Based on certain decisions, you have taken during your life phases, things have moved on and shaped you to be who you are.

Its very important to make decisions.

Did you know ?

  • PESTI CIDE – is to cut off pests
  • SUI CIDE – is to cut off your own life
  • HOMI CIDE- is to cut off human life
  • DE CIDE – is to cut off any other possibilities but the decision that you take.

Its a very powerful tool.  Reflect back and see yourself making some of the best decisions in your life.

How does it make you feel  ?

And yes look at the decisions which were not so good and where you hesitated ?? How does that feel ?

Think and feel about this two situations.. And remember it.

The next time you are about to take a decision, check how you feel and you will know if the decision you make is right for you.

This was today’s learning and I think it was a powerful way to look inside yourself.

So making the right decisions, in the toughest of circumstances, it took a lot of ” muchness”..but it felt so free and right..

I can remember so many.

  • The decision to not compete with school grades and friends.
  • The decision to support friends who were not really looked at with favorable eyes by others and were actually harmful for me.. ( yeah it was stupid but it felt right and I feel good looking back)
  • The decision to come out of my first relationship.
  • The decision to walk a different path when all were forcing me on one.
  • The decision to come to Bangalore.
  • The decision to get married to Rocky.
  • The decision to be at a certain place and time in the career.
  • The decision to not take shit from people you think you cannot do without, like friends and bosses.
  • The decision to choose friends wisely.
  • The decision to not take traditional enforcements for the sake of it and yet break a middle ground..
  • The decision to not choose complicated but choose simplicity in my thoughts as much as I can.
  • The decision to recognize my ego rise up and accept the darker side as well and turn it constructively.
  • So many thoughts… its really is pushing me up up up..

There are so many of them.. I feel so much “muchness” in me when I look back.

As I think about the decisions which was right for me, I am filled with confidence and the very power to take on anything that life throws at me, knowing that when time comes, I can trust in myself to make the decision that is right for me.

So take a while and ponder upon your current state and the decisions you have made to be where you are.. It could show you a powerful aspect of yourself which you can always tap into to move forward in any situation.. At least I believe so..that’s what miracles are made of.. I guess.. your own self..

So access your “muchness” and move on !!