I look forward to events like this when it feeds the spirit. Waiting for the annual soulful experience, it never disappoints .

Be it the ambience, be it the beautiful and awesome live music, and the event which calls to the soul the most, Parvathy Baul.

I just love the way, she swirls divinity all around her via her music and lyrics..

And when she jumped to Radhe Radhe… we all sang to it just like this…. its infectious… its connecting, its deep…. 🙂

She twirls tresses and herself
Singing and dancing
joy in the divine – bolo radhe radhe 

To know more about Parvathy Baul, click here.

The Dervishes…. transcended the soul as usual to the divine… in layers and layers..

I liked this video and hence shared it 🙂

It was getting colder in the winter night. The qawaali set the right tone to warm up the senses and dance in the blissful joy of maula..  And it could have gone on… but everything comes to an end… and so did this spiritually infused evening.