Right from the time we know how to dream, we have these things that we want to do..

I remember as a child the first thing that I craved to do was the have a bite of chocolates.. more because my Dad had forbidden the consumption of chocolates till after I was five years.

The other yearning I would have was to be outdoors… just walking aimlessly, kinda getting lost without getting lost.. I was very young mind you and at that time, going out alone was out of the question… and I would look out of my hill house window at the pine trees and wonder how it would be to walk around like the adults too with that air of purpose…

Then I remember the urge to have a taste of the big hailstones that would gather during those heavy hailstorms…

As I grew up, my dreams increased, my wishes grew and one by one… with the help of some magical powers, the wishes were fulfilled….

Even through turbulent times, the wishes remained entrenched… doubts would not be allowed to enter that space of dreams..  🙂

In keeping with that context… food is an essential part of my life… just like creating, music, books, movies and so on… I use many mediums to keep inspiring myself.. .

One of the root path of my life is to keep learning.. and never stop… once I learn, I want to learn more…. it could be in any part of my life… learn from books, people, experience and my own self discovery…

Food and cooking is something like art to me.. it relaxes me and also helps me nourish myself.. Recently I have been on a journey to discover more and more homemade and saatvic food as part of including into my staple diet… something which i can do from scratch, have fresh and without any artificial add ons.

Hence my wishes grew…

At a very gross level, I had a couple  of things I want to do… in terms of food.

  • Learn how to bake like an expert – Make some specific items… I have in mind.. 🙂 .. – Work in progress.
  • Learn how to make Biryani like an expert muslim mother… feeding her family lovingly… nothing fancy but which nourishes the soul..  (Don’t ask me why… but I somehow pictured a loving mom preparing this amazingly awesome biryani and feeding her family with immense joy and satisfaction – love shining out forth while her family enjoys the feast… – And I wanted to cook like that… and learn from someone like that … directly or indirectly – Somehow I knew that if i modelled the whole process, the biryani would turn out magic…  and the search was on… and EUREKA… I did finally find that elusive picture and recipe which just FIT in my being )  – BANG I had a biryani which I wanted to make anytime.. and I ticked that off my list..
  • Make a Burger like the way I like it but with millet – Work in progress
  • Make crepes the way I like it…  – Am exploring this as well…  the Indian… Work in progress.
  • And many more – the points keep adding.. ….

When I was a child, I would always wonder at my friends mother making such amazing pickles. My family did not make pickles. Mom was a working woman and did not have the time or the patience to do that and neither did my aunts..  I learnt other ways of cooking from them later…  but pickles… was like store bought…  And our house was not big on pickles either..

When I would go visiting my ancestral village, there would be lines and lines of pickle jars which my father’s sister would put in the sun. I would love tasting them when she would let us have it.

Sour Lemon Pickle - Made with only Salt, Chilli powder and lemon juice... Zero oil. Can be eaten after 3-4 days of resting..

Sour Lemon Pickle – Made with only Salt, Chilli powder and lemon juice… Zero oil. Can be eaten after 3-4 days of resting..

My curiosity was piqued from those days and I had this deep desire to learn how to make them.  And I waited for an opportunity.. It had to be right time. After marriage, I had my in-laws side gifting me with homemade pickles and they taught me some as well since it was so simple.. They knew my love for the sweet and sour and hot homemade pickles…

I knew it took time and season and it was a different space of creating altogether… So I kept collecting pickles from sources around.. searching for them in my travels and digging out women who made them by hand and bought from them at the farmer’s markets and so on. North, South, East and West, a tiny part of my journey was to always taste their unique pickles unobtrusively whenever I got the chance… and that journey continues..

Rocky having the art of creating in food in common with me also dabbled in a few pickles with success… He knew I loved them… so well… And I waited… to make the one that I liked most..

Fast Forward to now.. – While doing yoga teacher’s course, I had this wonderful yogi colleague who was selling pickles made by her mom.

And the ones that I loved… Sweet and Sour Lemon, Sweet Chilli Pickle and so on. WHAM…


My urge to master this was reborn again…. and this time… I thought I will do it…

Thanks to technology and many videos, I chose the one that suited me best… and worked on 4 different pickles.

  1. Raw Mango Instant pickle – easy to make and consume – remains fresh and has very few ingredients.
  2. Lemon Salt and sour Pickle – one we have with curd rice… this is without adding any hot oil and again extremely simple..
  3. Lemon Sweet and sour Pickle – this was my main item – I loved it and it gets better with age… I went the natural way rather then using the shortcuts. It will take 20 to 25 days…  And its looking good now..
  4. Sweet and hot chilli pickle –  I loved it but this was a big failure… will try again.. 🙂  ( the weather was not conducive to the process )


I have to try the instant sweet and sour pickle.. which does not need the resting time… anyways, next time..

And Viola….  there you have it dear blog, another point off my bucket list..  🙂

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