Sipping a cup of tea, listening to modern Bengali songs and working.. with the wind caressing my cheeks there is this feeling of well being which I always look forward to.

I have this calendar of a very naughty puppy who is looking at me with such mischievous eyes that I feel like doing something really childlike like skipping and fly with my arms wide..  And I did see that whenever I wanted to feel like a child, my best way to access that state is to spread my arms wide and run around pretending to fly. And I did that while we were on a team building activity.. I hope my colleagues did not notice it. While they were discussing strategy of a game, I quickly did a round of flying on my own.. around the green lawn.. he he …

Have you wondered what makes you go back to being a child.. ??

I can remember so many things now that I contemplate..

  • Swinging fast on a swing makes me go back to free thinking with no stress..
  • Sometimes playing catch triggers that feeling of catching something precious and feeling happy to do that
  • Stealing something sumptuous to eat just for the heck of it…and deliberately getting caught..
  • Making pictures of clouds takes me back to when I was little and used to be in music class and when I got bored of notes,  I used to just look up at the clouds and guess the different shapes the cloud created as it passed by..
  • Having a tamarind sweet reminds me of the time, when while returning from school, we used to make a beeline for the sweet and sour tamarind which used to put the zing in our being as we walked back home..

That is another key I  access when I want to feel happy and free from this adult life.. temporarily of course..

Sritir shei dhulo batash uralo.. .

Badoler kajoler, meghe der minare digantor kinare,

adhar koreche abar amar ei ghor.