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Akashic Reading Services 

You can book a session with me by sending me an email with your details as listed below :


  1. Your legal full name. 

  2. Gender

  3. Location where you are at currently

  4. 5 questions related to your concerns

  5. Your photo

  6. an email declaration “I allow Pallavi to open, access and read my records “


You can email me the above details at


You will hear from me in 3 days time. You will be sent a voice note of the reading for your reference and record.  


 You can have a face to face call with me post the reading for any clarifications. 

Fees : 4900 INR per reading


Mode of Payment :

UPI  : Scan below code for payment 







For any other mode of payment, please email

Scan code to initiate payment
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