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Akashic Record Reading with Pallavi
Welcome to 3 A's of Life

A journey of Awareness , Acceptance & Action.

Allow the divine to flow

Allow the divine to show

Allow yourself to Accept the beautiful truth that is YOU

Act with courage and faith on the wisdom shared 

Become your own medicine and change.


About Me 

I am Pallavi and I am here to serve a purpose as guided by masters, guides, and my loved ones.

I have learnt and applied different modalities in my journey to access the purpose of who I am and what role I have to play in this body.

In my ongoing journey and sadhana, I have been asked to serve and I have been trained and initiated through a Siddha Parampara as an Akashic Reader for souls who can be served through this method of guidance with me as a medium. 


In the course of my journey, I have been an IT professional for more than 2 decades. I have also been an entrepreneur In Retail and most recently I have been in the business of teaching Yoga and Yoga Teacher's Training Programs, online and offline. 


I have always been spiritually aware since a child and "seeing", "hearing" and "feeling" more than normal was my normal.


I officially acknowledged and restarted my spiritual journey in this human body as a Reiki Master and have progressed step by step, experience by experience, lesson by lesson, attaining mastership and understanding different spiritual and healing modalities along the way till my final path to self-realization beautifully opened up to me. 

Namaste. Gratitude to the creator and my fellow beings. It gives me immense pleasure to talk a few words about Pallavi who has got training from me to pursue in her Akashic records reading journey of life. She has been the best of all my students as her AKASHIC READING has always been accurate, precise and divinely connected. She is exceptionally undoubtedly an expert in her Akashic records reading. Many clients have been benefited by her readings and many have got perfect solution in their areas of work, relationship, health hazards, property issues, financial stagnation and much more. I strongly recommend one and all to take Akashic records reading from Pallavi and get complete clarity and utmost benefit. Thanks to our Gurus of past life for having given me such a divine person to the world.

Vidhya, Akashic Reading Teacher and Mentor 

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